What is it ?

EIT Health BRIDGEHEAD programme aims to bring together European health entrepreneurs with a desire to grow their validated business and products beyond home markets and, European top incubators or accelerators who come along to facilitate this development. BRIDGEHEAD is an internationalisation programme for European start-ups interested in being accompanied by one or several top-notch accelerators from EIT Health vetted European network.

Start-ups travel to accelerators of their choice to speed up access to markets, tap into local networks of partners and clients, access infrastructure and get the first-hand feeling for local reglementary and business context. They are guided by a trusted and seasoned local support team who open the right doors to establish and grow cross-border business.

BRIDGEHEAD operates within 2 distinctive sub-programmes: Europe and Global.


Both programmes are similar in structure but differ in organisation.
Depending on your internalisation needs you can apply either to one or to another in a given year.


(internationalisation within Europe)


(internationalisation outside Europe)

How BRIDGEHEAD differs
from other acceleration programmes ?


You get individualised service offers tailored to your needs put forward by seasoned and engaged accelerators, incubators, clusters and their networks

Unique ecosystem

You get immersed in the unique & vibrant EIT Health ecosystem of over 140 industrial partners, corporations and leading European research centres


A matchmaking framework makes you choose where and with whom you would like to work in a different country


Getting out of this programme with tangible results, established local sales team, signed distribution agreement, set-up for hospital pilot, pricing strategy developed etc.

Benefits for startups


Unique opportunity to become part of local health entrepreneurial ecosystem beyond your country


Soft-landing programme in country(ies) of choice (within a range of opportunities in our portofolio)


Local guidance and knowledge who open doors to potential partners, KOLs, clients, suppliers, distributors, local accountancy & tax services and investors


Access to testing, experiment and validation infrastructure within universities and research institutes


30k-40k EUR voucher (Depending on the sub-programme) to cover the costs of the several trips or stays in European or Global accelerators