How many projects will be approved in 2020 within the BRIDGEHEAD Global Programme?


In the 2020 there will be one cut-off round with a maximum of 20 start-ups  can be awarded.

What countries are represented by the participating Global CATs at the published date of this document?


More than 15 Global CATs are currently in the network representing the following countries.

Is the kick-off event mandatory for start-ups to attend?


No, but it should be. We cannot recommend enough your presence and participation in the event for the betterment and success rate of your future collaboration with the Global CATs participating in the network. It is a unique opportunity to meet them face to face and kick-off the project on the joint basis. Also, in rare case of the changement of your choice from the pre-selected Global CATs or in case of the Global CATs unability to offer you their programme, kick-off event provides the opportunity to match with another Global CAT of your interest.

Does EIT Health cover my traveling expenses to attend the matchmaking event associated with the programme?


Unfortunately no. Each start-up will have to absorb that cost.

Does the start-up get to choose where and with what Global CAT do they want to match within the programme?


Yes but the pre-selection is made on the Application level. In case of a major start-up strategy evolution, unavailability of Global CAT or other important event this pre-selection may be changed during or directly after the Kick-off event, in any case before signing the Subgranting Agreement.

Can the grant be spend in internationalisation efforts in Europe or within your own country?


No. This is global programme with a global scope. The grant needs to be spent with Global CATs based in countries outside your current market on services with clear purpose of increasing your expansion beyond Europe.

How are Global CATs selected to join the network?


Global CATs can only be considered and join the network by EIT Health Business Creation Managers recommendations and vote. All matched Global CATs sign a Memorandum of understanding and an NDA with EIT Health.

Are the applications treated under confidentiality?


Applications submitted to the EIT Health BRIDGEHEAD Programme are handled under confidentiality. Everybody that comes in contact with the applications during the review process is bound by confidentiality agreements. Each evaluator involved in the evaluation process will sign the BRIDGEHEAD 2020 code of conduct.

What is the thematic scope of projects EIT Health supports?


EIT Health’s Mission

EIT Health’s mission is to promote entrepreneurship and develop innovations in healthy living and active ageing, providing Europe with new opportunities and resources. EIT Health will enable citizens to lead healthier and more productive lives by delivering products, services and concepts that will improve quality of life and contribute to the sustainability of healthcare across Europe.

The main societal challenges addressed:

  1. To promote healthy living
  2. To support active ageing
  3. To improve healthcare


EIT Health Focus Areas

In order to create the desired impact, we particularly encourage applicants with projects related to the following Focus Areas:

  1. Bringing Care Home
  2. Value from Data in Clinical and Sub-Clinical Settings


Focus Area: Bringing Care Home
EIT Health is looking to support start-ups that shift healthcare delivery from hospitals to primary care and home care settings.


Focus Area: Value from Data
EIT Health is looking to support start-ups that bridge the gap between large data sets and medical outcomes in chronic diseases

What are typical project goals?


The activities supported by  EIT Health BRIDGEHEAD Programme should clearly take the project closer to internalisation and contribute to establish the applicant business and/or clinical path beyond its home and European markets. These could be activities for product & service development, marketing, regulatory and IP related tasks focused on international mobility and include:

  • Creating and/or executing market entry strategy outside home or European markets
  • Creating pricing strategies for new – international market(s)
  • Exploring legal, financial, administrative environment of country of interest, understanding regulatory requirements, including certification, IP protection, “purchase”of exertise e.g. legal advice
  • Establishing new distribution or manufacturing or supplier contracts
  • Establishing international investor connections
  • Testing in real environments – e.g. living labs and test beds of country of interest
  • Access to scientific and research laboratories, facilities and infrastructure
  • Setting up of pilots in hospitals beyond home country
  • Networking with global Key Opinion Leaders
  • Understanding conditions and landscape of business, business culture, institutional and reimbussement systems and requirements.

What are the target KPIs?


EIT Health has a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), but the ones that are most relevant for the EIT Health Accelerator and for the entire Accelerator portfolio are:

  • Number of SMEs receiving significant support
  • Number of new products / services launched (with evidence of first sale or intent in new markets)
  • Jobs created
  • Capital attracted to SMEs

Number of successful SMEs still active after 3 years

What are cost categories allowed in the project?


These are the allowed cost categories, as defined in the Horizon 2020 Model Grant Agreement, and reflected in the EIT Health Sub-granting agreement.

  • Personnel
  • Travel and subsistence
  • Consumables and equipment
  • Services and sub-contracting
  • Other (please specify)