1. Apply

Check deadlines at www.eithealth.eu/bridgehead

2. Get selected

by an international expert panel

3.Meet and match

with the CATs at the Matchmaking event

4. Travel to CAT's

and get your business off the ground in new geographies

Phase 1: match

(2 months aprox)

Start-ups provides its brief, request for proposal (RFP) for CATs offer
- Be as explicit as possible
- You can include suggestions for CATs of your preference
- Include your goals of the relocation - ex. types of contacts, technical infrastructure searched
- Optional: Don’t hesitate to use video pitch to present yourself to your future drivers

CATs respond to RFP with their offerings
- Proactive and tailored-made approach whenever it is possible (menu à la carte vs. standard menu)
- Include explicit information on the services proposed, accessible infrastructure, types of experiments / pilots possible, access to suppliers, distributors, legal advisors
- CATs may cooperate to propose a joint offer comprehensively covering the needs encouraged
- 2 scenarios will be proposed : for the short and long trip
- Additional information like interesting events to engage with (industry participation)
- The response must include prices of the services

You shall completed your preparatory phase within 2 months from the selection

Phase 2

(2-3 months aprox)

Get on the road to make the first scanning of possible local connections, identifying of pertinent industry partners from the local ecosystems, interesting ressources (living labs, laboratories, research infrastructure) to tap into

Phase 3

(5-6 months)

- You are free to determine the length of your stay in agreement with your host and in function of your needs and personal constraints.
- Be sure you manage your programme in a way to make a check-in with your host every week.
- Please check our guidelines for CATs (link)