Who are Global CATS ?

Global CATs – Global CATalysers are an EIT Health-vetted network of committed European partners (incubators, clusters, accelerators) experienced in helping health start-ups to open new markets outside Europe. Each Global CATs cooperates with its own network of global partners and collaborators such as local innovation hubs, incubators, accelerators, universities, corporations, hospitals with a validated track in scaling-up healthcare companies in order to offer BRIDGEHEAD Global start-ups the best services and knowledge of new countries.

Global CATs offer BRIDGEHEAD Global start-ups structured access to vibrant eco-systems that connects industries, corporations, venture capital, entrepreneurs, experts, specialists and mentors. The programme focuses on start-up needs, offering a truly living collaboration, individual approach, access to knowledge, infrastructure and resources to accelerate your growth in global destinations such as Canada, Israel, China, Japan, South Korea and more. Check available destinations in the BRIDGEHEAD website.

If you are an interested potential incubator/accelerator or cluster interestested in joining BRIDGEHEAD Global as a CAT